The Masterplan

Can you pull off the greatest heist in the history of mankind?

  • Hire the crew
  • Get the gear
  • Plan the job
  • ...
  • Profit!

Early Access (PC, Mac) starts Sep 15th, 2014.

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Shark Punch


Aarne Hunziker

A master of visual arts and game design, as well as a japanophile and a car nut rolled into one.

Jiri Kupiainen

A formerly promising programmer, who nowadays occasionally breaks other people's code when not sending emails.

Leo Lännenmäki

Gave up a great career in technology consulting to program games. His loss is our gain.

Harri Manninen

Worked for years in games media, and still decided to join a game development studio. No one knows why.


The Devlog is mandatory reading for everyone who wants to know how the sausage is made.


Shark Punch is a small independent trans-atlantic game development company. The founders have been working together since 2010.

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We enjoy beer and coffee. If you do too, we should totally hang.

You can reach us by email at