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The Masterplan

The game that started it all. It's a top-down tactical action puzzle game, about heists, in the 70s. Good old pay-money-and-get-a-game premium title..

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Get The Masterplan on Playfield now!


Let's talk about the perks. All you can drink organic smoothie bar! Locally sourced gourmet meals prepared in our own kitchen! An on-site, full-service dog spa!

These are just some of the things we don't offer. But if you're interested in meaningful projects, great colleagues, and a lot of freedom & responsibility, we might just have something. Please note that even though we are flexible when it comes to working hours and locations, at this stage we prioritize people who are able to spend a lot of time locally in Helsinki, Finland.

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The bad thing about Finnish winters is that it's too cold to go outside. The bad thing about Finnish summers is that it's so bright you can't sleep at night. The good thing about both is that by the time you're 20, you're either really good at playing metal music, making games, or both.

We're a multi-national team based in San Francisco and Helsinki, with our roots firmly in the latter. For us, team building is all about the three B's - beer, board games, and bastu.

(If you're thinking "wow, I want my face on that list", scroll up.)